Elecraft K-Line


For switching between remote conrol and working in my Shack, I habe built a Switching-Box. There I can switch a Desktop-Mic or a Headset for local work and also, I can switch very easy for the Remote-Control for working from my living-room. In remote, I can switch the local speaker on or off. If you are interested in my Switching-Box, you can see here the Schematic. With this box, I switch some other accessories which are connected with my K3. Here you can see the Block Diagram of my remote station.


If you rebuild this box, only at your own risk.


Elecraft KPA-500          Elecraft KAT-500

 Yaesu MD-100 A8X E

MD-100 is modified with Electred-Mic by Funktechnik Grundmann

Control-Unit with Nummeric Keypad

After I have built in the P3SVGA into my P3, I wanted a small control-unit, for a better user friendliness of the K3. So I had the idea, why not take a simple numeric keypad for some macros? After some tests I realized, that my keypad had a problem with the startup of the P3. So I built a delay-borad which start up the numeric keypad about 5s after the P3 is start up.
I wrote the macros in the P3 with a normal keyboard (the macros only for the mumeric part, of course). Then I put the small numeric keypad into the P3 and all work well.
Well I have labelled my numeric keypad. So I have a very simple control unit for my K3.


   If you are interested, here are the macros, which are programed for the nummeric keypad.

  If you rebuild this control-unit, only at your own risk.